XLNTbrain-Cog Test Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I take a snapshot of my screen to help you troubleshoot issues I'm having?

    Here is an easy guide on how to take Screenshots. We find many parents and athletes do not know how to take screenshots. We understand and this should help with that:

    Learn how to take a screenshot

  2. What Web Browser should work better for me?

    We recommend you use the web browser Firefox for our program. It's free and easy to download and install. You can get Firefox at the link below.

    Download Firefox

  3. How do I take the baseline test?

    To take the Baseline test, please sign into your account on http://app.xlntbrain.com/. Once you are on the Home page, click the link near the top of your screen that asks if you want to take the test now. You will need to watch a short instruction video Taking the Baseline Test prior to starting the test. Start the test by selecting the "Click Here to Start your Cog Test" button.

  4. Who should take the cog test?

    Please keep in mind that the XLNTbrain-Cog Test is for Athletes only. Guardians do not take the test.

  5. Do I need authorization to take the test?

    If you cannot take the test still, your coach may need to Authorize you for testing. Please get with your Coach and ask them to confirm you are Authorized so you can take your test.

  6. I used to have an account. Why can't I sign on again?

    It is possible if you are a returning Athlete that your account needs to be activated by your coach or by us. Please let us know if you think your account is inactive because you are a returning Athlete.

  7. I keep getting errors. What else can I do?

    As weird as it sounds sometimes just logging off of your account on www.xlntbrain.com and logging back in will clear up a lot of errors you may be receiving. So please log out and back to see if that fixes any of the problems you are running into.

  8. I have tried everything. How else can you help me?

    If none of this works then please email us back with the following information:

    • Athlete's Name
    • Guardian's Name
    • School's Name
    • Browser you are using and version
    • Anti Virus program you are using
    • Are you using a Windows Computer or a Mac?
    • Any screenshots that can help us identify and solve your issue
    Contact us