Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What browsers is XLNTbrain compatible with?

    XLNTbrain has been tested and verified to work on all of the latest versions of the main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer).

    For the XLNTbrain-Cog Test, we recommend you use the web browser Chrome . It is free and easy to download and install. You can get Firefox at the link below.

    Download Chrome
  2. What should I do if I think my athlete has sustained a concussion?

    Please click one of the links below for post-concussion instructions:

    Post-concussion instructions for Parents and Guardians
    Post-concussion instructions for Coaches
    Post-concussion instructions for Medical Professionals

  3. What should I do if I think I have sustained a concussion?

    Please click the link below for Athlete post-concussion instructions:

    Post-concussion instructions for Athletes

  4. I've received an invitation e-mail, what do I do?

    You must use the link to our website provided in the invitation e-mail to access the sign-up process.

    Once you are on the sign-up page you simply follow the instructions on the screen.

  5. Can I just keep the password the invitation e-mail sent me?

    You should change your password to something you create and can remember.

  6. Why do I have to watch the video and pass the quiz?

    The instructional video has very important information about sports concussions and their consequences.

    The quiz is a mechanism to ensure that you understood the most important points about a concussion. You must pass it to be able to finalize the sign-up process if you are a parent or to take your XLNTbrain Baseline Test and be cleared to play if you are an athlete.

  7. Can the XLNTbrain-mobile sideline app be downloaded to any cell phone?

    No, you must have a "smartphone" that is Apple (iOS) compatible to be able to download the app.

    The XLNTbrain-mobile app can be downloaded to the Apple iPad as well.

  8. Do I have to have a "smartphone" to fill out the daily symptom checklist?

    No, you can fill out the daily symptom checklist from any web connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

  9. I don't have any more symptoms, why can't I go back to play?

    Your appointed medical professional is the only person who can clear you for game play.

  10. I got invalid test results, what does that mean and what do I do next?

    Often times Athletes will get invalid test results simply because they did not understand the instructions for part of the test, or maybe they just weren't paying attention. It is also possible to get invalid results if the Athlete has a learning or attention problem. They will need to take the test again under supervision.

    Supervised testing is just taking the test again with the Coach, Parent, or another teacher present to help make sure everything on the test is understood and in a more quiet environment. This helps to make sure we get accurate results.

    Please talk to your Coach to see how they wish to proceed with your testing. If you have already taken the test twice, your results may be an accurate measure of your performance and re-testing probably wont be necessary. The Coach can re-authorize you if they feel re-testing is necessary.

  11. Am I finished with the tests?

    If you log into your Dashboard it should tell you there if you are complete. You should also have received an email if you did not pass the test.

  12. How do I take the XLNTbrain Cog Test?

    Please sign into your account on the website. Once you are on the dashboard if you are on the Baseline Test step you should see instructions to download the XLNTbrain Cog Test. First you will need to watch a short video and take a short quiz. Please keep in mind that the XLNTbrain Cog Test is for Athletes only. Guardians do not take the XLNTbrain Cog Test.

    If you are facing difficulties, please check the XLNTbrain-Cog Test Frequently Asked Questions:

    XLNTbrain Cog Test Frequently Asked Questions

  13. For Coaches, Athletic Trainers, and Athletic Directors: How do I invite Athletes to use your program?

    When you log in to, in the upper left corner you should see the word "Dashboard". When you click on it, you will come to a page where about 1/3 of the way down you will see an area that says "Your Organizations and Teams". Under that section, in the white box you should see "Your School Name" in blue. Choose your school and then click on the word "Passcodes" and you should see your passcodes.

    From there you should be able to add new passcodes. To change an existing passcode, just click on that passcode and on the next screen change the passcode and hit the save button.

    Once you create your passcode you can give it to your Athletes and they can use the passcode to register on the site to start the testing process. In addition, once you are in your school area you can invite Athletes directly by email by clicking on the "members" tab and then choosing the add member button.

  14. I took the test, but the program won't send the results. What do I do?

    The results from the test are still on the computer. Every time you log into the test it should try to send the report again. Please try to send it again by logging into the test.

  15. I can't remember my login/password?

    To retrieve your password please go to and click on Sign In in the upper right hand corner. Then click on Forgot your password? . This will allow you to reset your password.

  16. I'm getting an error while using your program what do I do?

    Please click the "contact us" link on the website and let us know the following in as much detail as possible:

    • Exact details of the problem you are having
    • Where in the process you are having the problem
    • How the website is behaving
    • Any error messages you are receiving
    • What steps you may have already taken to fix the issue
    • What internet browser and version you are using
    • What operating system you are using
    • What anti-virus software you may be using
  17. Can my Guardian take the XLNTbrain Cog Test for me?

    Only Athletes should take the Cog Test. Guardians do not take the Cog Test. It is very important that we have the Athlete's results from the XLNTbrain Cog Test in our system. If someone else takes the test for them and they should receive a concussion, this may lead to mismanagement when caring for a concussion.