About XLNTbrain

XLNTbrain LLC provides the first complete sports concussion management program for teams and individuals of all levels. Based in Maryland, XLNTbrain was formed after more than 25 years of studying the physiology of the brain and resulting behaviors caused from various stimuli and trauma. The brain-child of Harry Kerasidis, M.D., one of only a few neurologists in the world that specialize in cognitive performance and concussions, XLNTbrain seeks to protect athletes from the dangerous consequences of undetected and untreated concussions.


Meet the Brain Doctor - Harry Kerasidis, M.D.

Over his medical career, Dr. Kerasidis (aka The Brain Doctor), has treated thousands of patients with concussions. Through his practice, he created new baseline measures, assessments, reporting tools and a 5-step recovery care plan which provides the foundation of the XLNTbrain offerings now available anywhere, anytime through technological advances.

"In developing XLNTbrain, we took a step back and looked at concussion management from a clinical perspective and asked, ‘what would be the best case scenario for sports teams. We decided sports teams and athletes would benefit from having a virtual neurologist guiding them from end-to-end, so that’s what we did with our online platform and mobile app. It’s my 25 plus years of concussion experience packaged into one program that can be applied for an affordable annual subscription fee."

Filling the gap

Recent NFL lawsuits and exploding consumer awareness of traumatic brain injury has motivated nearly all the states in the US to establish concussion management law, mandating a certain amount of concussion management education. While these new laws have helped awareness, they have also revealed a gap in the sports teams’ ability to adequately prevent, detect and protect their athletes from concussions.

XLNTbrain fills that gap, with the first complete concussion management program, assisting sports teams with a “professional-caliber” program, that delivers everything the athletes and parents, team and league officials, as well as medical professionals need to comply with state laws, and provide the highest concussion care.

Delivered online and through a mobile app, subscribers to XLNTbrain receive:


  • Concussion Education: Online video training that comply with state-wide regulations about causes, symptoms of concussion and importance of correct concussion treatment.
  • Baseline Testing: A balance and web-based neuro-cognitive test developed by XLNTBrain LLC before the start of the season to create a baseline measurement of reaction time, attention, inhibition, impulsivity, memory, information processing efficiency, and executive function. The test also assesses mood, anxiety, stress and emotionality, a major distinguishing factor from all other sports concussion tools currently on the market. The results are then compared with the largest normative database of all these measures.


  • Sideline Assessment Mobile App: Using a smartphone or tablet, concussion coordinators can now performs a series of sideline assessments, compare with baseline results, document the severity of concussion, guide on-the-field decision making regarding treatment and recovery time and report results via email to all-interested parties, including parents, coaches, training staff and medical professional for further evaluation.


  • Recovery Care: XLNTbrain helps answer the most common question, “when can I play again?” Dr. Kerasidis created a tool that guides the decision-making process, giving all-involved individuals a recovery care plan that includes daily monitoring of symptoms, progressive physical and cognitive exertion exercises and a timeline to safely return to gameplay.