Going beyond baseline testing

XLNTbrain goes beyond baseline testing with the first complete concussion management program for all sports and levels. Using the latest technology and evidence-based guidelines, XLNTbrain provides clinical-caliber concussion care giving subscribers a complete solution that’s easy to use, affordable and adds a "virtual neurologist" for the team.

It starts with a quick & easy registration process

We want to keep your life simple and therefore made the registration process quick and easy.

Print up and hand out passcodes to your athletes allowing them sign up at home or at your computer lab. No need to gather hundreds of email addresses.
Athletes, parents, coaches watch the instructional concussion video and complete a follow-up quiz that go beyond state-wide regulation compliance.
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Comprehensive Baseline Testing

Experience enhanced baseline measurement that’s convenient to administer, easy to interpret and efficiently records results for future comparison.

Easy to read reports
No more confusing print outs full of data but no information. Everything is clearly explained and any trouble signs clearly identified.
Simple administration
Either take test in a computer lab or take it at home. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet.

We have created a clear guide to map an athlete's road to recovery

Post Injury Testing

Baseline comparisons provide clinical-caliber post-concussion evaluations to monitor severity and the recovery progress.

Daily Symptom Checklists

Recovering athletes fill out our Daily Symptom Checklists to monitor their symptoms improvement.

5 Step Progressive Exertion

Each step involves increased exertion and movement to the next step halts if any concussion symptoms return.

Clearance for Gameplay

The final step has a medical professional review all the data and sign off on an athlete's return to gameplay.

A full featured mobile application

XLNTbrain Sideline Assessment Tool

Use the mobile app to report a concussion incident and receive sideline recommendations on next steps.

Balance Test

Take a balance test on the sideline as a indicator of a possible concussion.

Symptom Checklists

Athletes can use their phones to take their daily symptom checklist.

Full Integrated with online program

No need to email reports to another system. All reports immediately integrate with the website.

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Academic Care Plan

While XLNTBrain™ guides athletes back to the playing field safely, perhaps of greater concern is helping the athlete know when it’s safe to return to learn. Student-athletes are students first, and XLNTbrain automatically provides an Academic Care Plan to guide the concussed athlete back to typical classroom activities.

Based on the symptoms and severity recorded, the system generates a cognitive progressive exertion plan that allows healing from the concussion to occur.

XLNBrain Sport goes beyond baseline testing with the first, and only, fully-integrated Academic Care Plan available in concussion management available today.

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XLNTbrain offers a complete feature set when compared to other solutions.

NFL Protocol ImPACT Test Concussion Vital Signs XLNTbrain

Downloadable and fully customizable Policies and Procedures Document

Emergency Action Plan

State Legislation Compliant Online Educational Activity

Online Baseline Testing

Preseason compliance tracking and reporting

Mobile XLNTbrain Sideline Assessment Tool

Not integrated

Not integrated

Limited, not integrated

Mobile Balance Test

Available as an extra charge add on, not integrated

Concussion incident reporting


Email alerts with notification and post-concussion instructions going to athletes, parents, and healthcare providers upon concussion reporting

Symptom checklist reporting and tracking

Available as an extra charge add on, not integrated

Concussion Recovery Tracker with 5 Step Progressive Exertion

Academic Care Plan generation based on symptoms