Will Concussions Kill Contact Sports?

XLNTBrain™ Introduces First Complete Concussion Management Program During Super Bowl Week

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland, (January 26, 2014) -- With new state laws mandating concussion education and heightened sensitivity to the dangers and pervasiveness of concussions, sports teams at all levels are grappling with proper concussion care to protect the short- and long-term wellness of their athletes. A new program, XLNTBrain™ is being introduced during the #C4CT Concussion Summit, Jan. 29, at the United Nations in New York, providing the first complete concussion management program without the cost of having a neurologist on payroll.

Based on 25 years treating hundreds of concussions and a career studying the effects of concussions on cognitive brain functions, Harry Kerasidis, M.D. , known as “The Brain Doctor™,” compiled his learning into XLNTBrain, providing sports teams a clinical-caliber program at an affordable price.

“Concussions don’t have to kill contact sports,” said Dr. Kerasidis, who is among an elite few neurologists in the world specializing in the impairment of cognitive and emotional performance resulting from concussions. “Through XLNTBrain™, teams will have all the tools necessary integrated into one convenient platform delivered online and through a newly created mobile app.”

XLNTBrain™ has had more than 5,000 athletes and athletic trainers beta-test the protocol in Maryland, including youth football leagues, high schools and St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Despite extensive concussion education and concern for athletes' wellbeing, assistant athletic trainer Stephanie Guzzo of St. Mary’s said prior to using XLNTBrain™ she had to piece together a concussion program for 17 varsity sports and 350 athletes with "consistently inconsistent" baseline tests, loose policies, and non-clinically based recovery care.

“What we have now is this amazing product, I absolutely love it,” Guzzo said about XLNTBrain™. “It’s very simple, user-friendly -- you can actually understand what you’re looking at -- it’s easy to administer, and it provides a step-by-step recovery assistance plan with daily symptom tracking which gives us data to help make a decision about their condition to play or practice.”

Among the subscription-based product highlights, XLNTBrain™ includes:

  • Online concussion education that complies with state-wide regulations.
  • Baseline testing including both emotion and cognitive measurements.
  • A sideline assessment mobile app that includes balance testing.
  • Daily-symptom checklist reporting to monitor recovery.
  • A 5-Step progressive exertion program with a recovery care guidance.

Dr. Kerasidis has volunteered to give FREE baseline testing, and assist the NFL with sideline assessments, and provide FOX SPORTS expert commentary during the game. Contact David Jahr.

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